DIY Pig and Chicken Roasts

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Your next event has Never Been Easier!

We’re your one-stop shop for all things pig and chicken roast. Let us hook you up with one of our smokers or roasters, high quality local meat, the seasonings, and all the know-how for you to tackle the job.

Pick Your BBQ

Rent one of our smokers or roasters


These heavy duty propane roasters were custom made for and are capable of fitting 130 pounds of pork. With dual burners, easy controls, and a removable tray, you can rest assured your hog will finish in time to satisfy your hungry guests.

Wood Pellet

Add some smoke to your pig roast with our Traeger XL’s. These smokers run on 100% hardwood pellets and are the ultimate in pig roast simplicity. Throw up to 60 pounds of pork on the barbeque and grab a beer, because this is easy!

Chicken Roaster

Feed your crowd with one of our easy to use charcoal chicken flippers. Our system takes all the guesswork out of feeding your guests and results in chicken that is smoky and juicy on the outside and golden on the outside.

The Protein

Learn more about our high quality pork and chicken

Here at we are proud to supply our customers with 100% BC Pork & Chicken

We have partnered with local pork and chicken producers in British Columbia to bring you the highest quality protein available.

The latest animal care guidelines are followed closely to ensure that our pigs and chickens are receiving the best possible care. And, as with all BC pork and chicken, the animals are raised without the use of growth promoters, hormones, or therapeutic antibiotics.

Bottom line? We’re bringing you high quality product every time, always fresh, and never frozen.


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How It Works

Experience the simplicity of a DIY Pig Roast

Start the BBQ

Following our step by step video instructions, season the pig and fire up the BBQ.

Place the Pig

Once your pig is placed inside the BBQ, hands off — your pig doesn’t have to move until you’re ready to dig in!

Grab a Drink

Low and slow is the secret to tender, fall off the bone pork, and our equipment is designed to make you successful every time.

Experience the simplicity of a DIY Chicken Roast


Get those coals red hot!


Load your chicken into the grates and start flippin’


The “Best Chicken Ever!” We promise.

View more instructions & BBQ tips.

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The faces behind PigBBQ

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We’re the faces working hard behind the scenes to ensure that you pull off an impressive event. Born and raised in the farming community of Chilliwack, we know the kind of down-home service you want. And because we love seeing you have a good time, we’re ready to deliver on that by sharing with you our experience in pig and chicken roasting.

Team up with us, and we’ll guarantee you a culinary experience like nothing you’ve ever had before.